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Our design process is a comprehensive and collaborative effort, involving a team of designers, creatives, and brand experts. We prioritize attention to detail and quality, ensuring that every aspect of our products meets our high standards.

Assassin Collection

Be the difference


The Collection

Lakers mesh shorts assassin

Mesh Shorts

Our mesh shorts feature a 4-way stretch mesh fabric with a breathable and multi-functional fit.

long sleeve work out shirt

Long-sleeve shirt

The long-sleeve work out shirt has a relaxed fit and is inspired by individuality and leadership.

Compression Shorts

Our men's compression shorts are made with a 4-way stretch, moister wicking fabric.


Evoking Emotions

ike green assassin mesh shorts

For Ike, designing this collection was about embodying power, confidence, and fearlessness while creating something unique and wearable.

The mesh shorts, long sleeve shirt, and men's compression shorts in the Assassin Collection feature bold yet minimalist designs that exude power and confidence. The collection encapsulates Ike's belief that the most living representation of a human is through the embodiment of an assassin.

The goal was to ignite a spark within each individual, compelling them to pause, reflect, and form their own unique interpretations of our designs. Each intricate detail beckons you to dive deeper, uncovering hidden meanings that resonate with your own journey and experiences.


Be The Difference

Embracing Individuality

Our Assassin Collection features mesh shorts, long-sleeve t-shirts, and compression shorts. Each with their own unique materials for high performance work outs.

While these products function similarly to others on the market, what sets us apart is a statement that reflects your commitment to individuality, non-conformity, and forging your own path.


We work to make hybrid textile designs that merge fitness and fashion. Through rigorous R&D we have been able to identify material blends that are best suited for the different uses of our products.

Specifically for our mesh shorts we wanted breathability as well as style to compliment what is currently appealing to our target demographic.

Compressive Shorts Veii Apparel Black

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