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How to Make a Cut Off Shirt for the Gym

How to Make a Cut Off Shirt for the Gym - Veii Apparel

Cut-off shirts are great gym attire that is not only comfortable but shows off all that hard work! Try transforming on of your old T-shirts into a gym tank top to show off your muscles in your next work out.

So, lets get started!


1. Make sure you have the right material.

Let's make sure that you have the right things to make this muscle T!

  • A pair of scissors
  • Pen, marker, sharpie, or chalk (anything to mark lines on the shirt)
  • Shirt


2. Fold your shirt in half.

fold shirt in half
Place your shirt on a flat surface. The goal is to make the cuts as symmetrical and even as possible for maximum comfort. Be sure that the shirt is folded so that both sides match up along the neck line and sleeves.


3. Make a line along the bottom of the shirt.

Draw a line with a marker, pen, or piece of chalk straight along the bottom of the shirt. Depending on how short or long you want the shirt is up to you.


4. Cut along the line.

cut along the line

Make sure the shirt does not have any ripples or wrinkles to avoid creating jagged edges when cutting along the line.


5. Make your arm holes: draw a line along the arm seam.

create line for cutting out arm holes

Start about an inch or so below the armpit seam. Mark a line and begin to draw the line along the arm seam. and continue to the shoulder of the shirt. 


6. Cut along the line, again.

cut along the arm hole line

With the shirt still folded in half, begin to cut through both sides of the shirt along the line you drew in the previous step. 



Congratulations! You have yourself a cut off shirt for the gym.



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