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Veii Apparel allows you to perform not only at your best but at the highest level. Ifeadi Odenigbo is a prolific NFL athlete and today we take a deeper dive into his life and who he is.

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Ifeadi Odenigbo. I'm an outside linebacker for the New York Giants and a 5-Year NFL veteran. I'm a proud Nigerian and Centerville, Ohio native, although I was born in New Jersey. 



Who is one person that has impacted you the most in your life and why? 

My mom has had the biggest impact on my life because of all the lessons that she's learned and taught me. She is the personification of unconditional love. She came to the United States from Nigeria in search of a better life for not only me but for our families as a whole. She has instilled the concept of sacrifice in me and my brothers and refuses to make excuses for the hand we were dealt. I will always admire, respect, and love her for that. 

What do you love most about football? 

Society is full of masks. Too many people feel as though they can't be themselves, and at the same time, I don't necessarily blame them for that. The football field is one of the few environments that reveal my true nature. For those who are selfish or unprepared, it will show. Football gives me an opportunity to put my best to the test, day in and day out. I'm a very competitive guy. 

What makes you different on and off the field?

 Ifeadi on the field vs. off the field is like night and day, to be honest. I have a ton of interests. From anime and art to the latest research on healthy living, I try not to limit myself or put my hobbies in a box. I think there are synergies and organic ties in everything, and I like taking the time to understand the world around me. If I'm not studying my playbook, I'm probably listening to a podcast of some sort, just depends on the day. 

How has your mindset changed from when you first entered the league to now being a vet?

Now that I'm in my 5th Year, I trust myself more. Not just on the field, but off the field. The ability to effectively recover really separates athletes at this level. I do my best to play within myself and trust everything that I've learned up to this point. I've also elevated my film study. I am more confident not only in processing information but responding to the stimuli that are presented to me. 

What are your goals for this upcoming season? 

This is a new team and environment for me, so I try to keep my goals simple.  I'm here to do a job, and I'm going to do it with as much passion and intensity as possible. I'm grateful for this opportunity and will make the most of it.


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