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At Veii Apparel we strive to look different, move different, and be the difference. When starting this brand my goal was to make clothes that are both fully functional and visually appealing. Using hybrid designs merging fitness and fashion we are creating pieces that are abstract and in a world of their own.


VEII was an important ancient Etruscan city situated near the west coast of central Italy and lying 16 km north of Rome.

VEII was the richest city in Etruscan League. Through studying both Greek and Roman mythology I gained an affinity for the history of this city and chose to use it as the namesake for my brand. My vision is to emulate the prosperity of VEII in the 6th and 5th century BCE


The lion emblem symbolizes dominance. Personally I envision myself as the alpha in everything I do. As a lion I am the leader of the pack. In my culture when a man receives a Chieftaincy title he is given the Isiagu which is a pullover shirt similar to a dashiki which is worn by the Igbo people. The word itself is translated as “lion’s head” and is in reference to the lion head motif tiled across the fabric. When you wear Veii Apparel I want you to feel empowered and that you are a chief in your own right.


Hybrid designs merging fitness and fashion. Streetwear created with performance fabric.
Look Different. Move Different. Be the DIFFERENCE.
38.9869° N, 76.9426° W

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