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Manifest Your World


The “Manifest Your World” collection, created by NFL running back Ty Johnson, looks to shrink the gap between using non-functional clothes for style in the gym to a shirt that can do both, but  with a message.

This oversized t-shirt and/or hoodie will help you burn more calories and sweat off more fat at a faster pace than your typical oversized shirt. This is due to the heavyweight material that has been sourced and curated to be your next favorite pump cover.

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The Collection

The Manifest collection features more than just one product. Check out the two versions of the oversized, heavyweight gym pump covers we offer below.


Wearing a hoodie during warm up can warm up your muscles faster and prevent injury.

Manifest tee Black


Wearing an oversized, heavyweight t-shirt during lifting can help you burn extra fat.


Ty Johnson


Longtime friend and college teammate, Ty Johnson is a Cumberland native and alumni of Fort Hill High School as well as the University of Maryland. He is currently an NFL free agent and was most recently with the New York Jets and before that played 2 seasons with the Detroit Lions. 

Ty Johnson and Ike (Veii Apparel owner) have been friends on and off the field for almost 10 years now. Ty and Ike met at the University of Maryland where they played football together and were roommates. Ty was one of Ike’s first supporters when he started Veii so when Ty expressed interest in wanting to get into apparel and design, Ike reached out to team up with him on a new collection. He knew that it would be something truly special. Ike showed him the way and helped him create what we now know as manifest.

The former New York Jets RB has always had an interest in design. In his free time, Ty draws tattoos and also does freehand sketching. The concept behind the “Manifest Your World” collection involves the Statue of David because he has always loved the work of Michelangelo. He wanted to put a spin on his work by adding a brutalist effect to this seemingly perfect sculpture. 




Veii Apparel’s CEO, Ike Ogwuegbu, is more than just a entruepuneur, he is an active gym guru and fromer D1 college football athlete. Ike went to school with Ty Johnson and they consider themselves close friends.

Beige_front_design_manifest tee Veii Apparel


Ty has always loved the work of Michelangelo. He decided to use the Statue of David, but take a brutalist approach by slicing the face in half and adding a more modern streetwear edge to the design. The back features of a written passage that describes the art and the history of the Italian artist.


The Pump Cover

We noticed that people in the gym were starting to train in clothes more so for style and less for super functionality. We took our ideas as well as inspiration from the current market and began to create different pieces we felt aligned with Veii and also would be received well by potential customers.

So, what is a pump cover?

A pump cover is a heavyweight, oversized t-shirt that assists your workout. It provides a relaxed fit that is non restrictive and durable. The heavier and thicker material allows your body to warm up faster promoting blood flow and also reducing the risk of injury. 

Pump cover hoodies: more than an oversized shirt

Not only does the manifest collection feature a t-shirt pump cover, but a sweatshirt version as well. This hoodie is oversized and features the same design as the shirt. Feel free to layer a pump cover t-shirt with a pump cover hoodie while weight lifting to see faster results.

Searching for the best quality

Material Matters

At Veii, the fit assists the work out

The manifest shirts are made from 100% cotton with an acid wash finish for distressed detailing. They are heavyweight to sweat off extra calories in the gym. Their distressed look gives a dirty shirt feel. Looking good in the gym can always bring an additional motivational energy to the table allowing you to count on those extra reps.

Sourcing the right fabric for your comfort

Manifest means aligning your reality with your imagination and allowing them to become one. The concept behind this collection is inspiring and empowering people to take control of their lives by first thinking about doing something, then speaking about doing it, and finally doing it!

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