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Assassin Mesh Shorts - Teal


Color: Teal


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Creating these assassin shorts, I kept my mom close in my thoughts. I was 6 months old when she faced a tough battle with postpartum depression that ultimately led to her committing suicide. It took me a long time to wrap my head around why she'd leave us—a brand-new baby(me) and a family who loved her and would be crushed not to have her around.

As I grew older, I realized I might never understand that big 'why.' Only the person going through it really gets what's happening inside. So, instead of getting stuck on why my mom did what she did, I turned inward. I started asking, "How can I breathe positivity into the lives around me, so they never feel alone dealing with depression?"

These shorts? The colors tell a story. They're representative of the suicide prevention ribbon we've all seen. Wearing them or catching a glimpse of others in them reminds me, even at my rock-bottom moments, I'm not on this ride alone. I have my Tribe to lean on when the weight on my shoulders gets too heavy. 

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+ Stylish and multifunctional shorts
+ 4-way stretch mesh fabric
+ Breathable mesh material that dries fast
+ Polyester waistband for flexibility and comfort


+ 100% Polyester
+ Ultra lightweight and durable mesh woven fabric.
+ Wash Cold - Machine Dry


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